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Mar 14th, 2024

Quick advise: how to volunteer in 15 minutes

Introducing our latest product feature.

Lauren Schulman
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At Catchafire, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to allow our nonprofits and volunteers to collaborate. We are so excited to introduce a new feature that will be a game changer for both nonprofits and volunteers. Now, nonprofits can post consultation questions on Catchafire and receive written responses from volunteers via Quick Advise.

Why we’ve introduced this feature

With the vast array of volunteer options Catchafire provides, getting started may seem daunting. With this new feature, nonprofits can tap into the expertise and experience of a diverse community of volunteers by simply asking a question. Whether they need guidance on fundraising strategies, marketing campaigns, or program development, nonprofits can now seek input from knowledgeable individuals who are passionate about making a difference in a whole new way.


Quick Advise broadens volunteering opportunities to a more diverse group of individuals. It provides an invaluable platform for volunteers who may find our current opportunities challenging due to certain disabilities. For instance, individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing can now participate fully, without the hurdles of phone calls and interviews. Similarly, those with mental health conditions can contribute in a way that respects their comfort and boundaries.

How it works

Getting started with written consultations is easy - nonprofits can write their question and then decide whether they would like a response via phone call or written response. Volunteers can then review the questions and provide thoughtful, written responses based on their expertise and experience. This asynchronous communication allows for flexibility and convenience, enabling volunteers to contribute their insights on their own time.

How Quick Advise supports employee engagement

Building employee engagement can be challenging. Oftentimes new users may not know where to start, or be intimidated by calls and projects. Quick Advise is a quick and easy way for employees to get started on the platform and make an impact with a limited time commitment.

As an employee engagement solution, we understand the significant amount of time and effort required to plan volunteering events for your employees. This time commitment may discourage some from participating. With Catchafire’s range of volunteering options - from 15 minutes to multiple weeks - employees can choose what type of commitment works best for them. Our employee engagement software caters to the needs, skill sets, and availability of your employees, delivering an impactful volunteer experience.

How Quick Advise supports nonprofits

While phone calls and full-length projects are extremely valuable, we recognize that time is a precious and often limited resource for nonprofit staff. Quick Advise requires little effort and time, allowing staff to receive answers to important questions quickly.

Written responses can also serve as a gateway to deeper engagement with volunteers. If nonprofits are impressed with an answer they receive, they can continue the relationship with that volunteer via more questions, phone calls, or full-length projects.

Get involved

Whether you're a nonprofit seeking advice or a or a skilled volunteer ready to make an impact, get started today with Quick Advise!

If you’re a grantmaker or company and would like to learn more about equipping nonprofits in your community with responsive, high-quality, and impactful capacity building support, let’s connect.

Request a demo.

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