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Luis P.

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I am a former journalist and market who has moved into UX/UI design as my second career. I've worked in newspapers and in university settings and I am currently working in UI design in the Twin Cities metro for a SaaS company.

I am excited to be able to help people using the skills that I have learned and continue to develop. I think it allows me to not just expand my experiences, but to use what I've learned to better the world and to effect some change for causes that I care about.

While I do work 40 hours per week, I am currently working away from my family. This leaves me with a great deal of time after work and on weekend, which I could dedicate to your project. Additionally, I am experienced working with distributed teams as my current position finds me collaborating with teams members in Boston, Georgia, and India.

Thanks for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.


  • Web Design
  • Web Development


  • Arts & Culture
  • Civil Rights
  • Community & Economic Development
  • Human Services
  • International Affairs
  • Justice & Legal Services
  • Science & Technology
  • Youth Development