How To Support Racial Justice

We're on a mission to help build a better tomorrow for Black-led and and Black-serving nonprofits.

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Community-based philanthropy and giving, particularly in Black communities, is central to achieving racial justice. Due to a historic underinvestment in Black communities, issues like access to voting rights, employment, quality education, healthcare, and housing continue to be barriers to equity today. Together, we can provide Black-led and Black-serving nonprofits the support they need and collectively work towards resource equity.

Black-led organizations

Volunteer with an organization that has Black leadership. Follow them to be notified when they post new opportunities!

Building community with BIPOC nonprofit leaders


Policy changes

6 ways to support BIPOC communities


Be a leverager, a connector, and use your positional power for good. You have an ability to change the game, remove barriers, and be an advocate and voice for others. format_quote

—— Satonya C. Fair, JD / President & CEO / PEAK Grantmaking

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