How to support racial justice

We’re on a mission to help build a better tomorrow for Black-led and Black-serving nonprofits.

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Community-based philanthropy and giving, particularly in Black communities, is central to achieving racial justice. Due to a historic underinvestment in Black communities, issues like access to voting rights, employment, quality education, healthcare, and housing continue to be barriers to equity today. Together, we can provide Black-led and Black-serving nonprofits the support they need and collectively work towards resource equity.

Black-led organizations

Volunteer with an organization that has Black leadership. Follow them to be notified when they post new opportunities!

Insights from BIPOC Women in Philanthropy

Creating a culture of wellness matters. Here's what we can do differently to support BIPOC nonprofit leaders and the next generation.


Policy changes

Catchafire’s Equitable Model Aims to Support BIPOC Communities

Studies have shown that Black-led nonprofits are more likely to be resource-constrained. Without traditional funding streams, these organizations seek innovative alternatives and utilize Catchafire the most. At Catchafire, 61% of nonprofits have BIPOC leadership and 31% are exclusively Black-led.


Be a leverager, a connector, and use your positional power for good. You have an ability to change the game, remove barriers, and be an advocate and voice for others.

—— Satonya C. Fair, JD, President & CEO, PEAK Grantmaking

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