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Help The Music School of Delaware by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their marketing strategy.
The Music School of Delaware
Wilmington, DE, USA
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The Music School of Delaware
Wilmington, DE, USA


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Posted September 11th

Marketing Strategy Call

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What we'd like to talk about

I am working on a proposal for a new sponsorship program within our organization. We are redeveloping our program in order to expand our reach and ability to appeal for sponsors.

Additional context

Our current sponsorship program does not have straightforward levels and incentives. I'm looking to chat with an expert in the field to help us develop a strong and definitive sponsorship program.

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About the org

The Music School of Delaware
Posted by
Lisa M.

Senior Development Associate

Our mission

It is the mission of The Music School of Delaware to provide excellence in music education, training, and experiences for people of all ages and abilities.

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