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Succession Planning Sessions

Help Commonsense Childbirth mitigate risk and ensure seamless leadership transitions.
Commonsense Childbirth
Winter Garden, FL, USA
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Commonsense Childbirth
Winter Garden, FL, USA


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Posted September 2nd

Project details

What we need
  • 3-5 one hour strategy sessions with a change management professional covering topics like identifying key positions and successors, transition timelines, and action planning for developing existing staff for leadership roles
  • Coaching on how to engage senior leaders and key funders, and strategies for gaining the commitment of board members and staff to manage a planned or an unexpected transition intentionally
Additional details

I need to begin succession planning for my 25 year old non profit - also for my COO. I am the Founder and President. We want to complete in 2 years

What we have in place
  • We are seating a new board soon as we currently only have 4 reliable members and an interim President of the Board and an Interim CEO
How this will help
This project will save us $4,198 , allowing us to continue supporting families and students in our programs

We need to transition from a founder - centered model to board and CEO run model

Project plan

Prep: Current State
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with any documents that will help provide context on the Organization's current state, including strategic plan if available
  • Professional holds initial meeting with Volunteer Manager to discuss specific needs and timing around succession planning
  • Professional provides Volunteer Manager with succession planning readiness questions
Milestone 1: Strategy Sessions
  • 3-5 strategy sessions with Professional, Executive team, and Board of Directors (if applicable)
  • [Suggested Session] Discussing competencies required for a leadership role within the Organization
  • [Suggested Session] Identifying potential leaders within the Organization and discussing development plans
  • [Suggested Session] Internal communications strategy for any changes to come
Milestone 2: Next Steps
  • Professional shares brief with summary of discussion, agreed upon succession planning strategies & tactics to prioritize, and areas for further exploration
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Commonsense Childbirth
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Jennie J.

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Our mission

Commonsense Childbirth's mission is to inspire change in maternal child health care systems; to re-empower the birthing mother, father, family and community by supporting the providers, practitioners and agencies that are charged with their care.

To improve birth outcomes and save lives by offering training and certification programs for healthcare professionals, para-professionals, maternity care systems and medical institutions interested in creating perinatal safety for at-risk populations.

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