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Help Conscious Alliance capture attention and inspire action with beautiful visual design that gives emotional resonance to the written content on their new or existing website.
Conscious Alliance
Denver, CO, USA
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Conscious Alliance
Denver, CO, USA


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Posted September 22nd

Project Details

What We Need
  • A visual redo of the Organization's website
  • Design direction based on Organization's desired branding and style preferences
  • Mock-ups of key site pages
  • Commitment to 2 phone calls with a developer to guide initial front-end coding work
  • Note: We recommend this project for custom websites. If your site is built on a CMS platform like Wordpress or Squarespace that offers templates, you may not need this project. Check out our Website Content Plan project for help building a CMS-based website
Additional Details

As we look into end of year fundraising, we're looking to create a Partner page on our existing Shopify site ( to display past partner fundraisers/events and ways people and brands can engage and fundraise on our behalf. We're looking to create something similar to this: where each project is it's own box with an image/video & text. Rather than each box link to its own page, want to explore using light boxes.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently use a custom Shopify theme. I can provide brand standards, logos, colors, font files as well as all content for the page (images/screen grabs, copy and links).
How This Will Help
This project will save us $9,186 , allowing us to provide 18,372 meals to families in need by allow funds to be allocated to trucking, warehouse, equipment, staffing and programming.

Our end of year fundraiser, "On the Road to End Childhood Hunger" is our largest fundraiser of the year. This year our goal is to raise $250K. In order to reach that goal we work with individuals and brands to create custom fundraisers. We need a page to point potential partners to that displays the different ways they can fundraise with us. Rather than custom building each fundraiser on a 1:1 basis, this page will help us save time, giving partners a variety of ways to choose from.

Project Plan

Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
  • For new websites, Volunteer Manager shares Sitemap, wireframes, content or interaction flowcharts
  • Volunteer Manager shares logo & brand guidelines
  • Both parties review our pro-tips for Organizations and Volunteers to ensure the project is set up for success
Milestone 1: Analysis of Materials & Brainstorm
  • Professional connects with Volunteer Manager to discuss goals, brainstorm initial ideas and align on expectations for the project
Milestone 2: Initial Design
  • Professional creates a mock-up based on the wireframes, content and ideas discussed in the initial meeting
  • Volunteer Manager reviews mock-ups and provides feedback (2-3 rounds), which the Professional incorporates into revisions
Milestone 3: Finalize Design
  • Professional delivers a final visual design with style guide and design notes for the Volunteer Manager's approval
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About The Org

Conscious Alliance
Posted by
Ali S.

Director of Marketing & Digital Partnerships

Our Mission

We are a movement of artists, musicians, food makers, and music lovers on a mission to end hunger in vulnerable communities nationwide. Our alliance empowers people to make a tangible difference in the lives of underserved communities.

What We Do

Founded in 2002, Conscious Alliance is a national nonprofit based in Boulder, Colorado that brings healthy food into underserved communities, feeding kids and families who need it most. Their work empowers young people to get involved by mixing passion for music with opportunities to make a positive impact.

Through 'Art That Feeds' Food Drives at concerts, and large-scale donations from food brands, Conscious Alliance brings healthy food to communities across the U.S. What began as a grassroots food drive at a local show has grown into a national movement -- providing more than 5.5 million meals, to date.

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