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Artportunity Knocks
Atlanta, GA, USA
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Artportunity Knocks
Atlanta, GA, USA


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Posted September 26th

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We would like to discuss strategies for creating an effective online campaign, attracting corporate donors and sponsors, and cultivating private donors, even being a really small nonprofit.

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About The Org

Artportunity Knocks
Posted by
Ty W.

Executive Director

Our Mission

Artportunity Knocks mission is to empower youth to excel in positive arts self-expression, Education, Community Service and bridging cultures through the Arts. We accomplish this mission through a variety of afterschool programs, mentoring camps, classes, and events that promotes positivity, unity, and excellence in the Arts. We primarily serve students in grades K-12.

What We Do

We support students through:

1. Year-round Arts Enrichment
2. Afterschool Programs
3. Summer Camps
4. Live performances
5. Daily hot meals program
6. Community events

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