How To Support Women and Girls

Let's work together to support equality and empowerment for women and girls.

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Issues like STEM education for girls, fairer workplaces, and reproductive health are at the forefront of social change in the United States. Yet, only 1.6% of all funding makes it to women and girls. With demand for services rising as nonprofit and government budgets decline, we can work together to address the funding gap and ensure the next generation has the resources they need to thrive.

Gender equity and justice

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We need change to happen at every level of society. And it starts with opening more doors for women to step into their power and craft policies that lift others up like them. This is our once in a generation chance to rebuild our systems to finally work for women and girls. format_quote

—Melinda French Gates / Founder / Pivotal Ventures

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Unlocking the Potential of Women and Girls


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