Help Photo Start enhance their annual reports, grant applications, and other marketing materials with compelling narratives about their organization’s mission, activities, and achievements.
Photo Start
New York, NY, USA
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Photo Start
New York, NY, USA


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Posted December 9th

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Project Details

What We Need
  • A compelling narrative, or set of stories
  • Persuasive copy that can be used in appeals to donors, annual reports, grant applications, and media relations
  • Popular examples: Organization's founding story, a program achievement or milestone, a look back at the past few years, organizational backgrounder, etc.
  • Note: This project is not intended to support your general content planning or marketing but there are several projects in our Marketing & Communications category which are a good fit!
Additional Details

We need a professional news writer / reporter who can write a feature-length article (think full page in a newspaper or multi-page in a magazine) based on a fairly complex human interest/fundraising campaign/organization story. We want a cohesive story that ties multiple themes together and puts a timely importance on it so that we can pitch to publications. NOTE: You should be ready to provide links to a few of your published articles on any topic.

What We Have In Place
  • We have a variety of docs for you to review, and we will schedule phone/zoom interviews to discuss details and ideas.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $6,632 , allowing us to continue providing free photography and storytelling lessons to children and young adults in marginalized communities.

It's important to one of our Founders that this story gets national attention so that we can grow our subscribers, followers, and donors.

Project Plan

Prep: Information Gathering
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss the objectives of project and key audiences
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with relevant background materials (e.g., annual reports, white papers, brochures, organizational history)
Milestone 1: Storytelling Framework
  • Professional presents and discusses primary story angle(s) to the Volunteer Manager
  • Volunteer Manager facilitates interviews between Professional and individuals willing to share their story (if applicable)
Milestone 2: Document Creation
  • Professional shares draft with Volunteer Manager
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with up to two rounds of feedback
Milestone 3: Wrap-Up
  • Professional submits final version
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About The Org

Photo Start
Posted by
Denise B.

Communications Officer

Our Mission

We use photography to teach students the skills to thrive in any environment.

What We Do

"A Future in Focus"
Talent is universal. Opportunity is not. We are changing that. Providing free digital photography lessons and equipment, Photo Start teaches valuable professional and life skills which put a bright future in the focus of children and young adults in under-resourced and marginalized communities.

Founded in 2016, Photo Start partners with schools and community organizations to operate free photography programs for students ages six and up. Since our founding, we have worked with more than 36 partners and taught 1000 students in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and the United States.

We believe that knowledge is power and teach students the tools they need to break the cycles of poverty and unemployment.

All of our programs are made possible through generous in-kind donations of equipment, financial support, and volunteer services.

We hope you'll join us in our mission to bring joy, hope and opportunity to our students!


Elizabeth was wonderful! We had a complicated story to tell. She was able to synthesize a ton of information thrown at her into a cohesive and compelling article. We can't wait to work with her again!
Denise B.
Denise B.

Communications Officer

Storytelling Project

A wonderful team of people with a mission to help underserved youth, globally.
Elizabeth T.
Elizabeth T.